Board-certified geropsychologist
Dr. Natali Edmonds

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Caring for a loved one with dementia doesn't have to be this hard.

Learn easy-to-follow steps that ANY dementia caregiver can use to make caregiving easier (even if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and at the end of your rope.)

Proven to make things easier after the first day!

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It's hard to dedicate so much time and effort to give care to someone who may not understand or even believe they help. 

It's even harder when no one has taken the time to let you know what actually works and what tends to make things worse when it comes to dementia care. 


Getting a brochure or booklet on dementia and bing sent home with an appointment to return in one year isn’t good enough. 

Getting a 20 minute follow-up appointment way off in the future isn’t good enough. 

Our healthcare systems and our healthcare providers have to do more to help you.


For the past 13 years, I've worked for a large hospital system where the amount of time I could spend with a patient and what I was able to talk about was determined by my supervisors and not by the need of the patient. That is NOT good care. 


Ny name is Dr. Natali Edmonds. I'm one of the few board-certified geropsychologists in the country. I've spent 13 years of my life working for a large hospital system. I saw that I wasn't able to give the care that my patients and their families deserved. So I left.

That's why I created a place where dementia caregivers all over the world could get access to trustworthy dementia information without having to leave their home.

My trainings have been viewed over 6 million times and are actively followed by over 88,000 dementia caregivers. 


Several times a year, I host a special Make Caregiving Easier training series as a way to connect more personally with caregivers and share more specific information on how to make a difference in your caregiving experience. 

This is such an amazing experience. I am able to see totally stressed out and overwhelmed caregivers transform their entire caregiving journey through this 5 day experience. It's possible for you too. 

I look forward to helping you as well. I'll be holding your hand every step of the way.

I believe in you,
Dr. Natali



  • NEW CAREGIVER TRAINING every day for 5 days. These trainings are designed to show you how to lower dementia caregiver stress, get rid of overwhelm, and help you feel confident to handle any stressful dementia experience that comes your way. 
  • ACCESS TO A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you will connect with other amazing Careblazers inside of a safe and supportive community. 
  • SURPRISE BONUS (announced after purchase). This surprise will give you the opportunity to get your SPECIFIC questions answered. :)
Roseanne said, "It is SO-SO helpful hearing your answers to other people's questions. Thank you!!!!"

Linda said, "I was mad at my husband, but after all the analogies I feel better. I am over it and happy now!"

Tamra said, "This came at the most critical time for me, helpful! Thank you very much!"

Brenda said, "I feel the things I've learned will be a blessing to me and my husband as I practice them."
Just imagine what you will say after going through this workshop series.

Questions you might have about this workshop series:

When do the live trainings happen?
The live trainings happen daily from March 7 - 11th at 5pm Eastern Time. 
What if I can't join live? 
You don't have to attend live. I understand caregiving has many demands and you can't always predict your schedule. Every training session is recorded and available for you to watch as a replay until March 31st.  
How do I join/watch the sessions?
All sessions will be inside of a private Facebook group. If you don't have a Facebook account, I recommend creating one just for the purposes of this workshop series. You can always delete the account after the trainings end. If you are absolutely against Facebook, you can still sign up and will get replay links to watch through a private YouTube link. You will not be able to join live. 
Do I need any special equipment to join?
No special equipment is need to fully participate. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to learn, and desire to make caregiving easier. 
What if I'm not good with technology or the internet?
There are no special skills required for this program. If you found this page and know how to get to Facebook, then you can fully participate. I'll also be here to help you out if you run into any difficulty with accessing the program. 
What if this program doesn't help me?
There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't think this program helps you make caregiving easier, all you have to do is email within 7 days after the program is over and I'll happily give you a full refund. This is zero risk to you.


Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a lonely and stressful experience. It doesn't have to be that way.

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