Are you tired of struggling to find the answers, information and support you need to help you in your caregiving journey? If so, the Dementia Care Club is for you. 

This program is for caregivers who are ready to start seeing positive change.

Join the Dementia Care Club today to change your life forever- no matter how challenging your current situation seems.

Are You Ready For A Better Way?

Join us inside the Dementia Care Club

Here Is What You Get Inside The
Dementia Care Club:

You will get instant, 24/7 access to the most powerful tools to change your caregiving situation immediately. 

This includes live trainings, question and answer sessions, support groups, rotating monthly topics, and so much more.

You'll also learn about the Formula for Change and how you have more power and control in your caregiving situation than you realize. 

While most trainings just focus on the tips and tricks that usually don't work for your unique situation, this program gives you the exact formula that can work for your situation, PLUS the tools, support, and connection you want.

Once you understand this formula, your life, your relationships, and your caregiving will never be the same. 

No other program focuses on great dementia care AND the person doing that care. 

To hear how this program has changed the lives of others, click HERE.


Understand how the brain works and is affected in dementia.
Learn how to lower feelings of frustration, worry, and stress.
Create more meaningful interactions with your person with dementia.

This is what people are saying:

These Careblazers were stressed, overwhelmed, and busy.
The Care Course system worked for them. 
It can work for you too.
Just imagine what you will say after going through the program.


No special training required. 

Easy to follow vides with live support to help you apply the lessons to your specific situation.


You don't need any special equipment required. 

All you need is internet connection and all lessons are available to view 24/7 to fit your busy schedule.


Give yourself the chance to feel better while also giving amazing care to your loved one.

Caregiving doesn't have to be a struggle. This is your answer.

If you're ready to build a caregiving journey that you'll feel good looking back on, then this is the program for you.

The Dementia Care Club is the program for you if you've spent hours looking for help in all the other places just to feel more frustrated, upset, and overwhelmed. It's time for real change using tools that work. If you care about feeling better and giving your loved one with dementia the care they deserve, you're in the right place.

The cost is a $297 for the Life Changing Care Course then $47/month every 30 days after enrollment to get access to weekly Q & A's, weekly support rooms, and new monthly lessons and topics. 

The value is much more. You can cancel anytime.


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PLEASE READ:  By enrolling in this life changing program, you are agreeing to be charged $297 today. You will then be charged $47/month every 30 days starting on day 31. To read the privacy policy and terms and conditions you can click HERE.
"Already I have seen a change in my father's behavior and things now got a little easier. With this course I can see it just getting better. Yay!"

"Your Care Course was the best money money I ever spent. It helped me understand what was going on with my husband. It helped me change my thinking, and as a result I was much more at peace, and was able to take much better care of my husband and not react to difficult situations as much."

"Dr. Natali's course was a real game changer for me. The YouTube videos are an excellent resource but signing up for the Care Course really helped me break through the super difficult aspects of being on this journey. Learning to cope with the everyday challenges has made me a calmer and more effective caregiver."

"The course immediately helped me. The course goes much deeper than information I could find browsing the internet. It prepared me for interacting with strangers, navigating family issues, my own frustrations with dementia and taking care of myself. It has simply been the best experience in my caregiving journey."

"Thank you so much for taking the time to really hear me and direct me. I so appreciate that you were okay with the asking. It was one of the reasons I joined. I knew there would be difficult days ahead and I wanted a resource that I could reach out, and get answers."
Just imagine what you will say after going through this workshop series.


I truly believe it can transform your entire caregiving journey if you let it. I believe in this program and I believe in YOU. 

BUT, if for any reason you aren't satisfied, just email me within 30 days and I'll refund all your money. There is truly no risk, but so much to gain.
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