Supporting people with dementia by supporting those who care for them

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"I have gotten more information in an hour than I have got from any doctor in 3 months. Thank you so much."

-Rose Lincoln

"Dr. Natali's course was a real game changer. for me. The YouTube videos are an excellent resource but signing up really helped me break through the super difficult aspects of being on this journey. Learning how to cope with the everyday challenges has made me a calmer and more effective caregiver."

- Keith Peters

"Because of this video, I just had the best conversation with my mom I've had in a long time."

- Julie Greenwood

Dr. Natali Edmonds, board certified geropsychologist and founder of Dementia Careblazers

About Careblazers

At Dementia Careblazers, we believe: 

        - People with dementia deserve great care.
        - Caregivers for people with dementia deserve great care.
        - Healthcare providers need training in dementia to give great care.

It's our mission to make that happen. 

Dementia Careblazers started when Dr. Natali Edmonds, a board certified geropsychologist became frustrated with the healthcare system. 

She witnessed healthcare providers with very little understanding of dementia. She saw families desperate for help but only given a short appointment and a follow-up appointment in 6-12 months. 

From her frustration, she created a weekly video program. Those videos have now become the #1 Dementia Training Channel on YouTube. Her weekly video channel has over 100,000 subscribers and over 7 million views worldwide.

Great dementia care requires access to the right training, information, and support. 

There are over 50,000 people in the world diagnosed with dementia, yet most healthcare professionals have very little training in dementia care and families are left to try to figure things out on their own.

It's time for things to change!

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Careblazer Products

- for family caregivers -

Dementia Careblazer Survival Guide

Your FREE starter guide

This guide will give you the foundational tools and information you'll need to go through this journey with the least amount of frustration and overwhelm as possible. Understand more about the disease, learn the best approaches to take with someone who has dementia, and get tools for how to manage your own caregiver stress. Consider this your quick start guide for giving great dementia care! Click the button below to download your free copy.

TV Guide for Dementia 

Your FREE Guide to top 100 training videos on dementia

Access training videos focused on 1) Understanding Dementia 2) Responding to dementia related behaviors 3) Preparing for the future. These hand selected videos will help you by teaching you the exact tips and approaches to take to avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes that lead to many challenging behaviors. If you are facing a specific dementia caregiving challenges, the answer is inside this TV guide for Dementia. Click the button below to access the guide and start watching.

Dementia Behavior Training

FREE online class 

Learn how to successfully respond to any challenging dementia related behavior - even if your loved one doesn't want your help, doesn't think they need help, and resists all your attempts to help. You'll get access to a simple system that you can use over and over again no matter what difficult behavior or situation you may be facing. Save your spot for this free training by clicking the button below.

Make Caregiving Easier

- 5 day experience -

Join the online experience that can transform your entire caregiving journey in as little as 5 days. Learn how to respond to any caregiving challenge, understand how to maximize what you have control over, reduce caregiver stress and overwhelm, AND start to show up in your caregiving situation in a way you'll feel good about once this journey ends. These are 5 of the most important and impactful days of your caregiving life. Click the button to learn when the next 5 day experience is happening.

Dementia Care Club

Your Place for ongoing Support and Training

The Dementia Care Club is the best place online to get access to dementia information, resources, and training. Connect with other Careblazers through weekly support groups. Get answers to your specific questions through weekly question and answer sessions. Get exclusive access to specialty programs designed to make dementia caregiving easier and improving your life in the process. The private member website is available to you 24/7 so you can get support, help, and connect while never leaving your home or your loved one with dementia. 

Careblazer Products

- for professional caregivers -

Caregiving Success Secrets

Your FREE success guide

This free video training will guide you through the most important caregiving secrets to help you: 1) deliver better care to patients 2) reduce the amount of time needed to give that care 3) minimize complaints and challenges from the patient with dementia AND their families. Typical dementia care approaches from most professional caregivers actually add to challenging behaviors and make the job more difficult. Get the missing pieces so you can give better care and start to enjoy your job again. 

Facility Accreditation

Demonstrate your commitment to quality care

Most dementia care facilities say they are committed to excellent dementia care yet their actions demonstrate otherwise. The lack of training, support, and thought into how to prepare staff, approach residents, and engage with families is clear through the poor reputation most care facilities have. Demonstrate your commitment to excellent dementia care through your actions and become one of the top rated dementia care facilities in the nation. Improve your care, your staff turnover rate, your bottom line, and your reputation. Click the button to apply for consideration for facility accreditation. Accreditation is the standard of future dementia care.

Speaking Engagements

Hire Dr. Natali for your event

Dr. Natali provides presentations for various organizations on the topics of dementia caregiving. 

      - Presentations for family caregivers
      - Presentations for professional caregivers
      - Presentations for facilities looking to improve care, morale, profit

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Join the Dementia Care Club

Best for family members caring for someone with dementia

Get access to exclusive trainings, weekly group support, and weekly question and answer sessions. This is a program dedicated to successfully caring for a loved one with dementia.

Careblazer Consulting Services

Best for professional caregivers and facilities

Get a customized training and strategy plan for your facility and caregivers. This includes 1:1 consultation with Dr. Natali and future consideration for becoming a Careblazer Accredited facility.
Dementia Careblazers
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Who Is Dementia Careblazers

Dementia Careblazers was started by Natali Edmonds- a board certified geropsychologist. While working for a large hospital system, she became frustrated with how few patients she was able to help in a day and how difficult the system made it for family members to receive access to the care and information needed to help with on their caregiving journey.  Dementia Careblazers is on a mission to create a place where caregivers can have 24/7 access to trustworthy information, training, and support from the comfort of their own home.

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